Odense: Somalis vs. Arabs

Odense: Somalis vs. Arabs

At least one shot was fired during a fight between a group of Somalis and Arabs in Vollsmose in Odense, Denmark.

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On Wednesday night the B√łgeparken in Vollsmose in Odense was the site for a mass brawl between a group of Somalis and a group of Arabs.

"We got a report of shots at 1:08am. When we came out there, about 30 people were in the middle of a big brawl," says Kim Munksgaard of the Fyn police.

Deputy police chief Jack Liedecke says that with the help of dogs they found a cartridge from a 9mm weapon which had been fired.

Nobody was hit by the shots, but a 24 year old Somali man was attacked and hit with bats by six men of Arabic origin, says the police agent. He's now in the Odense University hospital, but is now out of danger.

At the site the police found a hunting rifle and several bulletproof vests.

Police arrested 11 people, who were all interrogated by early Thrusday.

It's unclear what was the reason for the brawl. Jack Liedecke: "It's not the first time we see youth of Somali background and youth of Arab background quarelling with each other in the area, but we don't completely know what it's about."

Sources: Berlingske Tidende, Fyens Stiftstidende (Danish)

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