Serbia: 'Look to the future' says Bosnian Muslim leader

Serbia: 'Look to the future' says Bosnian Muslim leader

At the end of a two-day visit to Serbia on Wednesday, Bosnia's Muslim leader Sulejman Tihic, said the two countries should forget the past and look to the future and better mutual relations.

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Tihic, who is president of upper house of parliament and leader of the main Muslim party in Bosnia, the Party of Democratic Action, said Bosnia’s “strategic interest is good and friendly relations with Serbia and other neighbours.”

Relations between the two countries have been strained since the 1991-1995 wars that followed the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia.

Tihic is one of the first senior Bosnian officials to visit Serbia in recent years.


“The history should be left to historians,” Tihic told media after meeting with Tadic.

“The history cannot be forgotten, but we should not live in it,” he added.


Source: AKI

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