EU: Kurdish-European movie

EU: Kurdish-European movie

Via Rudaw:

Kurdish filmmakers Muhammad Aktash and Hisham Zamana are developing an international movie that will be filmed in Iraqi Kurdistan, Turkey, Greece, Germany and Norway.

The movie, “Reya Siyar” or Syiar’s Road, is about a budding romance between Siyar, an Iraqi Kurd from the town of Amedi, and a Kurdish woman from Diyarbakir in Turkey’s Kurdistan. Conditions in their home countries push the two to move to Europe where they meet. The movie is a joint production between Norway, Germany and Iraqi Kurdistan.


“Our group works with a Kurdish heart and a European mind,” Aktash said. “We have now become part of the international film industry because we do not have a domestic market for this. I hope there will be a movie theater next to every mosque in Kurdistan.”

The actors were selected from among 3,000 candidates. The main roles were given to professional actors from Kurdistan, Turkey and Germany while amateurs play secondary roles.

“Our main problem was finding female actors in South (Iraqi) Kurdistan. In some cases the women’s families did not allow them to act in the movie. In the end, we had to bring a woman from Europe,” said Aktash.