Opinion: The Islamophobia of killing Norwegians

Opinion: The Islamophobia of killing Norwegians

Much has been written and said in the past few days about Anders Behring Breivik's anti-Islam terrorism. The guy hates Muslim, there's no question about it, but what I find curious, is that he intended to fight them by killing his fellow countrymen.

There's a lot of talk in the anti-Islamic blogosphere about a coming civil war, when the Europeans will rise up and deport their Muslim neighbors. But with all the talk of deportations and ethnic cleansing and armed resistance, Breivik's civil war didn't target Muslims, it targeted the non-Muslims he saw as traitors, the 'cultural Marxist/multiculturalist elites of Europe'. From his point of view, Muslims weren't even players in the game (emphasis mine):

Fight category A and B traitors NOT Muslims or ANTIFA (anarcho-Marxists/Marxist Jugend)

DO NOT for the love of God aim your rage and frustration at Muslims. Muslim or Paki bashing is a sure way to hurt our cause as this is what the cultural Marxist elites WANT you to do. They want you to waste your efforts on fighting Muslims and they will do anything to prevent you from aiming your efforts at them. They want the indigenous Europeans to busy fighting Muslims as that will guarantee their positions. We will never have a chance at overthrowing the cultural Marxist if we waste our energy and efforts on fighting Muslims

He has no problems with attacks against Muslims, as a way of encouraging Jihadi attacks, which will prove that Muslims are terrorists etc etc etc. But even in this case, Muslims are just tools in his fight against the European traitors (emphasis mine):
The ONLY exceptions should be sabotage attacks aimed at infrastructure (to cripple/weaken the economy of our regime) and effectuate certain devastating strategic attacks during the Muslim Eid celebration - later in phase 1 and 2, in order to radicalise and manipulate the Muslim forces. The Muslim husbands, uncles, brothers and nephews will go absolutely nuts which will result in devastating Jihadi frenzies, substantially contributing to weaken our regimes further and at the same time create more recruits for our resistance movements. Muslims are our absolutely best recruitment tools. They act as indirect recruiters by using rape, assault, robbery, arson and murder, forcing their victims and their closest relatives/friends out of their coma.

There are Muslims among the victims in Utøya, but they weren't killed as Muslims for their religion, they were killed as Norwegians for their political views. Anders Behring Breivik might be the symbol of anti-Islamic madness, but in a way, his terrorism is as anti-anti-Islamic as you can get.