Netherlands: 'Schools should initiate immigrants into Dutch culture'

Netherlands: 'Schools should initiate immigrants into Dutch culture'

Via Dichtbij/De Echo (Dutch):

Harm Beertema, MP for the PVV party and formerly a teacher in a vocational school in Rotterdam-Zuid, says he had seen how many teachers try to scrape away Dutch culture. This should end, he says, and schools should initiate immigrants into our Western society.

"Education is about winning the hearts and minds," he announced in parliament. And when the opposition clamored that he's using war terms, he agreed: "there's a cultural war ongoing in the Netherlands".

While teaching he had to deal with the shadowy sides of immigration: "Honor murder, forced marriage and coercion in religion. Moreover, it's become more and more unsafe in school. During breaks dealers drove by in SUVs to provide students with drugs. After a couple of incidents the school instituted a pass system and uniformed guards had to guard the school."

"The arrival of the satellite dish brought about a sea change. Ever since dishes became affordable, a parallel society came into being in Rotterdam. I've had girls in my class who were born and raised here, but led fully Turkish lives in the heart of Rotterdam. They go to a Turkish hairdresser, watch Turkish TV, read Turkish papers and go to to a Turkish funeral director. they're Turks who happen to live in the Netherlands."

To change that, Beertema wants schools to initiate immigrants into Dutch society. "We must stop with that horrible culture-relativism. Teachers are too afraid to explain that Western culture is superior when it comes to freedom, equality and emancipation. Stop scraping away at our traditions! Be proud of them."

Beertema wants teachers to be well versed in Dutch history, traditions and culture. He says they should go back to being 'bearers of culture', passing on the culture to the next generation. He also wants the Dutch flag to be flown over every Dutch school. "It must be clear to young immigrants: This is now Dutch culture, which leads to freedom."