Gaddafi: "Hundreds of Libyans will martyr in Europe"

Gaddafi: "Hundreds of Libyans will martyr in Europe"

This is not the first time Gaddafi is threatening Europe. Last week he threatened that European civilians will become legitimate targets.

Via the Telegraph:

"Hundreds of Libyans will martyr in Europe. I told you it is eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. But we will give them a chance to come to their senses," the Libyan leader said in an audio speech carried on Libyan television.

Gaddafi, whose forces have been battling rebel fighters increasingly encroaching on his territory and NATO warplanes, was speaking in the desert town of Sabha, 500 miles south of Tripoli.

The speech, to a crowd of about 50,000 people, appeared designed to show that Gaddafi still enjoys support in areas of Libya he still controls.

"You will regret it, NATO, when the war moves to Europe," he said, adding that the Canary Islands, Sicily, other Mediterranean islands as well as Andalusia in southern Spain were Arab lands that should be liberated.