Netherlands: 52% think Wilders shouldn't moderate tone on Islam

Netherlands: 52% think Wilders shouldn't moderate tone on Islam

Via (Dutch):

According to a Maurice de Hond poll, 52% of the Dutch think Wilders doesn't need to moderate his tone, following the attacks in Norway. 44% think Wilders should speak more moderately. This opinion is shared by 78% of Labour voters and just 3% of PVV voters.

Around 75% of Labour, D66 and Greens voters think that a climate has been created in recent years, which led Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik to his deeds. This opinion is shared by 15% of PVV voters, 20% of VDD voters and 36% of Christian Democrats. Of those who think such a climate exists, 79% think it's because of Wilders. 61% blame the media and 60% blame Islamic fundamentalism.

Around 25% think it's probable or very probable that the extreme-right will commit an attack in the Netherlands. 35% think an attack by Muslim extremists is likely.

Opinions on Islam are split. A large majority of right-wing voters (98% of PVV voters) are concerned about the growing influence of Islam. A majority of left-wingers (89% of D66 and Greens), think Islam is just as good or bad as Christianity.

30% of VDD voters and 21% of Christian Democrats agree more with the PVV standpoints on Islam. Just 35% of Christian Democrats think their party has the best point of view on Islam. Among Labour party supporters: 10% think the PVV has the best standpoints on Islam, 39% think their own party does.

Wilders responded to the poll on Twitter, saying he doesn't plan to moderate his tone, 'certainly not about the terrible Islam'.