Sweden: Arabic in Europe

Sweden: Arabic in Europe

Via SvD (Sweden):

'Rena rama arabiskan' is a new show by Swedish journalist Nadia Jebril being broadcast on Swedish Educational TV.

Jebril set out to find out far one can manage in Europe speaking Arabic. Her search took her through Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Italy, Malta, Spain, Bosnia and finally to Lebanon.

"We had a meeting to do something about Arabic. But everybody discussed just Islam and the Middle East, as if it must be about that typically."

She thought: "Yes, many of us are Muslims. Yes, most of us speak Arabic. But we live here! and we don't speak Arabic like in the Middle East, we blend it."

"My generation is a special group. We grew up in one context and have parents who grew up in another. It's exciting to think what's happening in the minds of people like us. There's a mass of context-meetings in people all over Europe. It's something new and it's never paid attention to!"