Amsterdam: Blind people rejected by Muslim taxi drivers

Maikel Bader, a 19 year blind man, has troubles getting around by taxi, since drivers refuse to let his dog into their car. According to the article on, this goes for both ethnic Dutch and Muslims drivers. Dutch drivers don't want a dog dirtying up their taxi while Muslim drivers refuse because of religious belief. According to Bouder, "they say that they can't take dogs because of their religion. They would be impure."

Bouder brought a TV crew in order to draw attention to his plight, and the taxi drivers did not take kindly to being filmed. If anybody can point out to me where in the original article it actually talked about non-Muslim drivers, I would appreciate it. The video story can be seen, in Dutch, on the AT5 site.

This reminded me of a similar story that was reported by Fjordman about a year ago: Norway: Blind people rejected by Muslim taxi drivers

Sources: AT5, (Dutch)

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