Burka ban in Belgium upheld

The Maaseik magistrate has decided that the city can enforce its Burka ban. The court rejected the appeal of Khadija El Ouazzani, one of five residents who would regularly walk around totally veiled. In April 2005 she received a fine of 75 euro which she appealed.

This is the first time that a court in Belgium forbids a burka or niqab. According to the city mayor, Jan Creemers, several other mayors are also considering such a ban and have been waiting for the Masseik verdict before moving on with it.

Source: Standaard (Dutch)


nouille said...

Good, maybe the rest of Europe will get a back bone.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of walking around wearing a Ski-Mask and I was tossing the idea around with my Bank Manager but he said his Staff would push the Police Alarm if I walked into his Bank, I ask you, is this fair?

Why cant I have the freedom to wear a Nylon Stocking or Ski Mask in Public, this infringes on my religious rights.