Tolerance among Dutch and immigrants

A new study by Motivaction shows that ethnic Dutch and immigrant Dutch are both tolerant, just of different issues. The headline of this article was "Ethnic Dutch more tolerant than immigrants", however I"m not sure that's the right conclusion.

While the ethnic Dutch are more tolerant of such liberal issues as abortion, euthanasia and homosexuality, the immigrant dutch are more tolerant of multiculturalism and expression of religiosity.

Both groups agree that tolerance means respecting the choices of the other. Ethnic Dutch respect especially individuals while Moroccans and Turks put more emphasis on accepting their belief.

The numbers are as follows:

tolerance of homosexuality - 88% by ethnic Dutch, 55% by immigrants (with Moroccans having most trouble with it).

tolerance of euthanasia - 84% by ethnic Dutch, 48% by immigrants

tolerance of abortion - 73% by ethnic Dutch, 47% by immigrants (Moroccans being the least tolerant).

tolerance of multiculturalism - 70% of ethnic Dutch think there are too many immigrants, 39% think the same. 58% of ethnic Dutch are glad that the Netherlands is a multicultural land, compared to 93% of immigrants.

tolerance of religious expression - 50% of ethnic Dutch have trouble with wearing a veil as means of religious expression, while 81% of immigrants see no problem with it. A majority of both ethnic Dutch and immigrants disagree with forced marriage and female circumcision.

The article did not mention how many immigrants supported religious expression which isn't Muslim oriented.

Source: Reformatorisch Dagblad (Dutch)

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