Antwerp update: 6th suspect arrested

All six suspects in the killing of Guido Demoor have been arrested. The suspects are all Moroccans - five Belgians and one Spaniard. They are all Antwerp residents. Three minors aged 16 and three adults ages 18, 20 and 22. Three of them are known to the police.

Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt praised the efficient action of the police. He expressed the hope that the punishment the arrested youth will get will be an example. He also added that he found the behavior of the youth especially sad because they have discredited an entire community.

Source: De Standaard (Dutch)

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Update June 27th, 2006:

The suspects will be charged with "deliberate assault and injury that unintentionally led to death" and not "manslaughter".

A lawyer for one of the minors claims that Guido De Moor used violence as well, grabbing one of the suspects by the throat until he turned red and had trouble breathing. Only when his friends punched De Moor did he finally let go. The youth then gave De Moor another punch at which point De Moor dropped into a seat and died.

Filip Dewinter, head of right wing Vlaams Belang had already called for the suspects to sit out their punishment in Morocco. "Whoever here can easily get our nationality as a foreigner of 2nd or 3rd generation, must know that whoever abuses our hospitality will bear the consequences".

Source: De Standaard 1, 2 (Dutch)

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