Amsterdam: boom in violence

A sudden boom in violent offence by (Moroccan) youth is currently sweeping through Amsterdam. The last month there were a number of incidents on which
The municipality admits that there is a “peak”, but sees no reason to change policy.

Amsterdam has started several years ago to attack the youth issue. About a hundred groups are making the city unsafe and there are meanwhile several ongoing projects to keep these “riot youth” in check. Police data show that the past month there’s been a row of incidents in which victims were just like that attacked, for example, pulled off their bikes and manhandled.

Two days ago a 21 year old man was attacked and kicked. According to the police he was pulled off his bike and mishandled by “young men of North African origin”. The culprits then escaped by car.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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John Sobieski said...

Bikejacking, is that a new sport for the yutes of Amsterdam? Rita is tuff, she might really cut Muslims immigration which is desperately needed.