Netherlands: Radical Muslims have more influence

A progress report by National Coordinator for Fighting Terrorism Tjibbe Joustra, shows that radical Muslims are having more and more influence on their more moderate fellow believers.

Salafism and Wahhabism are movements that want to go back to ‘pure’ Islam, see themselves as anti-Western and oppose integration. Radical Muslims succeed in attracting young Muslims by offering Dutch language lessons about Islam and about the Koran. Moderate mosques are following suit and make sure that their imams can deliver speeches in Dutch as well.

The number of reports about possible radicalizing in the army is also going up. There are also indications that defense personnel are in contact with radical Islamic organizations and mosques, but it is unclear whether there is a growing problem.

According to Joustra, the Netherlands is still an attractive target and “controversial debates and artistic expressions about Islam in the Netherlands” by radical Muslims (see below) outside the country can be misuse to take action against the Netherlands.

The intention of Ayaan Hirsi Ali to make a sequel to Submission “is for different circles in the Arabic and Iranian world already now provocation to see the Netherlands as a potential target of protest actions.”

I attach an "artistic expression" I've recently ran across. This is from an Israeli site that has been defaced by a Muslim hacker. Note the list of countries at the bottom - Denmark, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands and USA.

Source: Volkskrant (Dutch)

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