Norway: more contact with the Muslim world

Norway's politicians want to establish more and better contact with the Muslim world.

The Liberal Party has suggested that NOK 2 million (USD 163,000) be earmarked as start funds for a cooperative program between Norway and the Muslim world.

Norway's parliament, the Storting, has already approved a proposal for more contact and exchange to promote cooperation between individuals, voluntary organizations, political parties and industry in Norway and the Muslim world.

The proposal became highly topical after the controversy and conflict sparked by the publication of caricatures of the prophet Mohammed in newspapers earlier this year.

"The Liberal Party's proposal for a program of exchange and cooperation between Muslim nations and Norway builds on a firmly rooted belief in dialogue. This can help clear up prejudice, misunderstandings, or even sheer ignorance," said Liberal Party deputy leader Trine Skei Grande.

Source: Aftenposten (English)


nouille said...

While the "West" pursues the path to understanding the Islamic world teaches their children to hate as soon as they can understand the word.

Look at what's being taught in Palestinian, Pakistani, Saudi,Egyptian and Iranian school books!

Here's a look:
Scholars estimate that within the Saudi public school curriculum, Islamic studies make up a quarter to a third of students' weekly classroom hours in lower and middle school, plus several hours each week in high school. Educators who question or dissent from the official interpretation of Islam can face severe reprisals. In November 2005, a Saudi teacher who made positive statements about Jews and the New Testament was fired and sentenced to 750 lashes and a prison term. (He was eventually pardoned after public and international protests.)

“At a time when the Islamist terrorist threat to Europe is becoming clearer, it is urgent to fully understand one of its essential components: the Islamic Wahhabite ideology. This ideology, whose principal target is Western civilization – that is to say, democracy and modernity – is known only to a few specialists. It seems to be largely ignored by the media, as it is by the political class.”

Although Saudi Arabia remains one of the 53 Member States of the UN Commission on Human Rights, its traditional position regarding non-Muslims (infidels) is well-known. Therefore, the Association for World Education decided to limit its NGO written text to the Report on Egypt, avoiding all controversial “political” issues such as the “Middle East Peace Process” and covering one subject only, under its chapter 11, pp. 146-56. ‘Jihad & Martyrdom’ – as taught in Egyptian primary / preparatory / secondary school text books – this is the title of our NGO written statement to the 56th session of the UN Sub-Commission

nouille said...

more on hatred in school and text books being distributed even in WESTERN countries!

nouille said...

this is good too.....

nouille said...

"Christians and Jews repeatedly are labeled as infidels and enemies of Islam who should not be befriended or emulated, and are referred to in eighth-grade textbooks as 'apes and pigs,'"

In addition, it found that "some Saudi government-funded textbooks used in North American Islamic schools have been found to encourage incitement to violence again non-Muslims."