Amsterdam: doctors assaulted

Update: I've got some more details on this story and updated accordingly.

A group of drunken youth caused trouble and threatened two doctors by a swimming pool in Amsterdam. An ambulance was pelted and one doctor was was slapped in the face.

The doctor was on her way to the swimming pool at around 6pm when she saw that someone was helping a young man who's become unwell. She decided to assist the man, who was a doctor.

The young man was intoxicated and was not communicative. While they tried looking for signs of life they were jeered by a group of about 20 youth that had gathered round. When an ambulance arrived, the group kicked it and pelted the rear, at which the ambulance departed. "Because it was an immigrant, they rode away" according to the youth. [according to a different version of the story, the ambulance first tried to drive away and was then attacked].

When the doctor asked them to leave a second ambulance undisturbed, she was attacked. The ambulance did not need to take the sick youth away as by that time his condition had improved.

Source: Parool (Dutch), (Dutch)

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