Denmark: Graduates' caps turn multi religious

Danish flag to follow..

High school graduates customize their traditional white caps

As high school graduates take to the streets in the next weeks to celebrate, you might notice a change in the emblem on the front of their caps.

This year the caps are rapidly changing appearance, said Steen Boldsen managing director of C. L. Seifert, the original producer of the traditional graduation caps.

There is a much greater variation as to what the students choose as an emblem on the front of their cap. The original cross is widely being replaced with oak leaves by atheists, the Star of David by Jews, the half moon by Arabs or even a note by music lovers.

Some 10 percent of the caps ordered from Seifert carry a different emblem than the cross this year. The trend is especially noticeable in the major cities.

Source: Jyllands Posten (English)

Update June 27th, 2006:

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