BBC: Faith, hate and charity

Faith, hate and charity - a Panorama program on Islamic charities and the terrorist organizations they support.

JOHN WARE: I'm curious about that little sign up there. What exactly is it?

HASHEM RJOUB, ORPHANAGE DIRECTOR: 'Do not disappoint the orphan.' This is a Koranic verse. The Koran encourages us to protect the orphan.

JW: And that red colour coming down the arm and spilling over the world? What does that signify?

HR: By God... It's not clear whether it's blood or not, but in truth it looks like it might be.

JW: It conveys to me a picture of Islam dominating the world, and if necessary through bloodshed.

HR: It's true. This picture expresses the vision of the person who drew it. This doesn't necessarily mean that these things exist. I want to stress that Islam has ruled most of the world without blood. There was no blood, it was through persuasion.

Panorama, a BBC One program, will be following up UK charity donations and how they are used by Hamas. The program airs Sunday, July 30th at 22:15 GMT and will be available for viewing both live and afterwards on the Panorama website.


Anonymous said...

I saw the prog. Maybe there is hope for BBC impartiality after all. This follows a BBC2 documentary on executions in Iran, earlier in the week.

Very informative blog. I will visit again.

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Oh and my blog,