Berlin: Muslim anti-Israel protest

Thousands of people rallied at Berlin's historic Brandenburg Gate to condemn Israel's ongoing brutal military onslaught of innocent civilians in Lebanon and Gaza.

Chanting 'Death to Zionists', 'Zionists Are Fascists' and 'Allah o Akbar', protestors -- among them Iranians, Arabs, Turks and Germans -- carried banners which read 'Stop Israel', 'Support for Resistance Against Zionist Regime', 'Freedom for Palestine', 'Stop Israeli Terror Against Civilian Population' and 'Stop the War in Lebanon'.

The protestors urged Germans not to remain silent in the wake of Israeli military crimes against the civilian population in Lebanon and Gaza.

Dozens of police were deployed near the rallying site.

Meanwhile an unnamed organizer of the rally said, "With this first step we want to condemn Israel's military actions against the people of Palestine and Lebanon." He added a communique will be submitted to German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, calling on him to do everything possible to halt Israel's military attacks in Lebanon and Gaza.

There are also plans for a demonstration on Saturday, the organizer said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency (English)

Update July 17th, 2006:

More than 1,000 Lebanese and Palestinians staged an anti-Israeli protest at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate on Monday, police said.

A Reuters witness said demonstrators were chanting "death to Israel" and "death to Zionists", while some carried placards bearing the image of Hizbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

Source: Reuters (English)

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