A short analysis

This comes from Rudi:

The question is asked why Israel hadn't managed yet to eliminate the rocket bases of the Hizballah when they have so many technical means and even satellites.

The answer is obvious after the reaction of Kim Howell, UK Minister of State Middle East and Jan Egeland of the UN, which was shown on CNN, but not on "the politically correct" European televisions, naturally: The Hizballah had hidden their rocket launchers in apartment buildings. Israel cannot bomb everything and must first know for sure from where those rockets were fired.

Currently Hizballah always fire their rockets quickly and it is hard to trace their origin. They certainly do this from civilian targets and after launching, the "curtains" are quickly drawn shut again.

If this were to happen from isolated military bases, then they would be very quickly located and bombed.

When looking at the damage that had been done in some places to "civilian targets", it's a mystery to me why there are "only" 300 "civilian casualties", although every death is one too many. The only explanation is that there were NO civilian targets.

It is therefore certain that our press is again keeping silent about what is really going on, for the simple reason that they want to be good dhimmis for when Eurabia would be the reality here.

And indeed, when was the last time cities and towns were "bombed without discrimmination" and the civilian death count was so low?

Just for comparison:

In the Battle of Mogadishu, fought during two days by US marines and UN forces and intending to capture leaders of Aidid's militia:

Casualties on the Somali side were heavy, with estimates on fatalities from 500 to over 2000 people. The Somali casualties were a mixture of militiamen and local civilians, who were used as human shields.

Often estimated around 1,000 killed, with a few thousand more wounded or missing and presumed dead. There are numerous accounts of local hospitals and clinics completely overwhelmed and flooded with wounded and dead for weeks after the battle had ended. Due to the Islamic Law of burying bodies before sundown and the almost complete lack of any official tally or records, the numbers will almost certainly remain unknown.


Anonymous said...

Durin the Kosovo war around 10.000 civilians were killed by NATO/UN troops. But they weren't moslims.

Esther said...

This reminds me.. Dutch forces were accused of standing aside while 8000 Muslim civilians were massacred.

The Dutch are now going to be sued.

In 1982, Christian forces massacred between 700 to 3500 Palestinian refugees in the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps.

Israel, whose forces surrounded the camps, was roundly denounced by the world. Sharon, who was defence minister at the time and had been tried by Israeli courts, was put to trial in Belgium for war crimes.

Anonymous said...

To be more complete on the subject. Sabra and Chatila was only a "fait divers" or a "detail"(around 1500 according to this journalist who later was murdered by Syria) of what happened during the civil war in Lebanon.
One can read on
Ce chiffre englobe-t-il également les « disparus » des massacres de Sabra et Chatila ? Peut-être, vu qu’on vient de retrouver une deuxième fosse commune. Supérieur aux estimations officielles, le nombre des victimes des massacres de Sabra et Chatila est d’environ 1500, ce qui, indépendamment de son horreur, reste un chiffre inférieur à ceux de Tall el-Zaatar en août 1976 [ndlr commis par les milices chrétiennes, alors alliées à la Syrie], au siège de Tripoli en 1984 par les milices palestiniennes pro-syriennes ou à l’affamement des camps de Beyrouth-Ouest par la milice Amal, soutenue par la Syrie en 1985-87.
That there were several massacres worse than Sabra & Chatila and were done by order of Syria: Tall el-Zaatar August 1976 by Christians then allied to Syria, the siege of Tripoli in 1984 by pro-syrian palestinians and the hungrying of the camps of West-Beyrouth by Amal, supported by Syrie in 1985-87.

And NOBODY ever speaks about Damour as it were only christians massacred by Palestiniens, as if it was just "business as usual".

But as there were no Israelis nor Jews around those massacres are not important enough for the "politically correct" supporters of Eurabia.

We have seen what happened in Rwanda and only a few murderers were convicted. This kind of selective memory is as worse racism as primary racism. It is as bad as negationism.

Snouck said...

Esther:"The Hizballah had hidden their rocket launchers in apartment buildings. Israel cannot bomb everything and must first know for sure from where those rockets were fired."

This is not a new problem. The Israelis were complaining about similar tactics by the PLO in 1982. And the generals still haven't found a new approach. Same with the US Forces in Iraq.

What did we expect? That the Muslims would always fight in such a way that they would be bound to lose?

We may not like their new tactics, but they are new tactics and they work. So the West has to deal with it.