Belgium: Call to ban Abou Jahjah

Shortly after war broke out between Israel and the Hizballah, Dyab Abou Jahjah, the head of the Arab European League, wrote that he will be leaving for Lebanon to fight for Hizballah.

Now, Filip Dewinter, leader of Vlaams Belang, demands that Abou Jahaja be banned from returning. A Belgian law from 2003 forbids Belgian citizens from joining armed militias. Abou Jahjah did not even claim that he's going to join the Lebanese army, but rather wrote openly that he's going to join a terrorist organization.

Filip Dewinter wants the Belgian gov't to declare Abou Jahaja as persona non grata in the country and to check whether his Belgian nationality can be revoked.

(as a side note: Abou Jahjah came to Belgium as asylum seeker under false pretenses. He later married a Belgian woman and divorced her once he got his citizenship)

Source: Reformatorisch Dagblad (Dutch)

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