Netwerk - immigration politics in Denmark

Netwerk, a Dutch actuality program, featured a show about the immigration politics in Denmark yesterday.

The show can be seen here (Dutch). It is an update on a similar show done 6 years ago (can be viewed here), in which Denmark's policies were compared to Jörg Haider's.

The show includes a lot of footage from the older show. What I found interesting was interviews with Mona Sheikh, a Pakistani-Dane. Six years ago she was leading a protest movement against the tough immigration policies. Today, she's still upset and thinks things have become worse. On the other hand (or consequently) she wears no veil. Wouldn't that support the Danish methods for integration?

Another interesting point. From what I understood - all the extreme right footage were taken from the older show. So while the show stressed how xenophobia has become common to all politicians, they did not bring any examples.

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