Sweden: Theme park forced to change uniform regulations

The largest theme park in Sweden changed its uniform regulations after a Muslim female worker who was banned from wearing the Hijab reported her managers to the discrimination ombudsman, SR International reported.

The Muslim worker was denied a summer job at the Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg because she refused to take off her Islamic headscarf and long-armed top.

According to the local newspaper G√∂teborgs Posten, the woman has been given just two thousand dollars in compensation after reporting her bosses to the discrimination ombudsman, which ruled that she can wear a tailored-made Islamic dress in the theme park’s colors.

A recent survey by the National Integration Board showed that veiled Muslim women in Sweden aren’t only discriminated against but are also violently attacked.

Source: Garowe Online (English), Islam Online

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Anonymous said...

If a company has a dress code it is up to the employee to follow it or to look for another job. Wether it is a veil or a monokini, when the company refuses it, that's it! There is no reason that we should accept a multicultural society imposed upon us. We have already a multi-etnic society and we should live with it, even if it was also imposed upon us by Eurabian polticians, but that does not imply that we should also trow our culture away.

I want also to add that if veiled women are presumably discriminated, in several areas of Brussels non-veiled women are now even attacked. But there the Eurabian PC's are very silent about it.

In addition, the islamic veil is not a must in Islam. It is something invented by any means much later to dominate women. All real Islam professors not payd or sponsored by the Wahabbists know that and state it clearly.