Denmark: what is 'morally wrong'

Supporting a terrorist leader, holding signs with explicit pictures of injured kids and bringing kids to such protest, all in the middle of Denmark's capital city - no problem.

Interviewing a refugee kid on TV - morally wrong and traumatizing.

It was a mistake to run a news story featuring a crying boy who had just returned from the conflict in Lebanon, said the head of TV2, Per Mikael Jensen on Monday.

'It was a feature that crossed the lines of what we should show. I could imagine a situation where we interview a 10-year old boy about what he had experienced in a war situation, but not under these circumstances where the boy clearly had problems managing the situation,' Jensen told daily newspaper Urban.

The feature, which aired on TV2's evening news on 17 July, showed a 10-year old boy talking about what he experienced in Lebanon with tears streaming down his cheeks.

Nybroe had defended the decision to air the piece after criticism from the National Board of Health's director Jens Kristian Gøtrik. Gøtrik said the exposure could lead to a more intense trauma reaction to the events that could have long lasting psychological consequences.

Jensen did acknowledge that the news programme had not done anything wrong as they had received parental consent, but said airing the piece was morally wrong. He said the station would avoid such reports in the future.

What am I missing here?

Wouldn't seeing pictures of bloodied kids be a bit more traumatizing?

The pictures shown on Muslim sites and waved about in Muslim protests are very explicit. Pictures of body parts, of dead or injured kids with missing limbs. All brought to me courtesy of the Muslim "anti-violence" sites and the Muslim "anti-violence" protests.

What is more traumatizing?

Source: Jyllands-Posten (English), Pics from Polemiken (Danish)

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