True Friends

It is very strange that our government has decided to back the Lebanese in this conflict, when only a couple of months ago, the Lebanese wanted nothing more than to see us burn in hell. That was in fact the case during the height of the “cartoon crisis” earlier this year. Peace loving Lebanese citizens, 15 000 to be exact, took part in a mass demonstration that resulted in the torching and pillaging of the Danish embassy in Beirut. The Norwegian embassy in Damascus suffered the same fate. Norwegian citizens who were unfortunate enough to be visiting the area at that time, were urged by the Norwegian government to stay indoor and keep a very low profile. God knows what could have happened to them if the mob had gotten hold of them. The word lynching comes to mind. Demonstrations also took place in Norway, and “peace loving” Lebanese citizens, who’ve been given all the opportunities that this country has to offer, took part in these demonstrations against the infidel Norwegians.

A great post on Norwegian News.

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