Netherlands: Anti Israel demonstration

Pictures from an anti-Israel protest which took place in The Hague in front of the Israeli Embassy. The pictures are from the Dutch language Wij Blijven Hier blog (we're staying here).

The demonstation, which looked rather small, called for Palestinian Freedom, though I'm not sure where.. Lebanon is not a Palestinian state, yet. Gaza is free, and as a free "non-country of their own choice" they have been busy bombarding Israel.

I'll translate the first comment on this posting:

Where were these people when Lebanon was occupied by Syria?
Where were these people when Lebanese were abducted by Syria?
Where were these when Hizballah would not put down their weapons?
Where were these when Hizballah threatened a civil war if the Lebanese gov't would disarm them?
Where were these when Syria, Iran and Hizballa thwarted every possible democratizing?

Correct, nowhere!!

And now my second homeland is onder fire, because of the fact that Hizballa wackos pick up their own weapons and impose their will on 85% of the Lebenese people that do not want Hizballah. No, these demonstrators would better not demonstrate for Lebanon. Let them demonstrate for Hizballah, but not for Lebanon. Too hypocritical..

And the answer to this comment is very simple. They do not seem to be demonstrating for Lebanon at all. Besides a couple of Lebanese flags here and they, they are not there to cry out for Lebanon. It is obvious where their loyalties lie. It is not the Lebanese whom they really care about.

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