Belgium: Burglar killed

A burglar hits a neighborhood, gets caught by three men and later that night dies. Apparently, not due to any violence on the part of the apprehenders. Nobody tried to evade police and the three show up at the police station.

The facts behind the story: the burglar was Moroccan. The apprehenders are Italian and were on their way back to Italy that night.

No racism involved. Just a neighborhood suffering from a crime wave.

The judicial authorities of Tongeren (Limburg province) announced on Friday that there were no suspicious circumstances in the death of a burglar, who was caught when breaking into a house in Maasmechelen on Wednesday evening.

According to the authorities, there were few traces of violence discovered during the autopsy on the body of the thief, a drug addict who was chased and overwhelmed by three local residents who caught him red-handed.

By the time local police arrived, the three men had left the scene. The burglar reported feeling unwell and was taken to hospital, where he died a few hours later.

The local men turned themselves in to the police when they found out that the burglar had died.

Initial allegations suggested that the burglar had died due to violence - Belgium has been rocked by several cases of violent crime during 2006.

However, the autopsy proved that the death was "an accident".

Local residents had been complaining about burglaries for some time and claimed that the local municipality was not doing enough to combat the problem.

Source: Expatica (English)

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