Oslo: gang warfare

The Oslo police seem very understanding, for some reason.

Police were searching for four gang members Monday after shots rang out amidst the crowds at Oslo's popular waterfront complex Aker Brygge.

Hundreds of diners and persons strolling along the pier lined with restaurants suddenly became shocked witnesses to what police believe was a clash between Oslo’s so-called "A" and "B" gangs.

The shoot-out on Sunday evening left two men wounded, shot in their legs. Police were asking help from the local Pakistani community, to which the gang members are believed linked.

No clear motive for the shoot-out on Sunday evening has been revealed. "We have good information, but we need the cooperation of everyone in order to bring an end to this sort of violence," a police spokesman told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) Monday morning.

Finn Abrahamsen of the Oslo Police District called the suspects "notorious members of the A- and B-gangs who love to grab attention." He said it was "exasperating" that the gang members "don't understand how dangerous this is."

Police searched several homes in the Oslo area during the night and have seized the car believed to be used by the gang members, a black BMW found in Stensberggata.

The shoot-occurred just before 8pm, a busy time of the evening at Aker Brygge especially on sunny summer evenings like Sunday. The waterfront complex, which features shops, restaurants, offices and residences on Oslo’s inner harbour, was packed with people when the shots rang out.

"It was unreal, I didn't even have time to get scared before it was all over," said one stunned witness. "Now I'm just thinking that I could have been shot as well. How on earth can something like this happen here?"

Source: Aftenposten (English)

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