UK: Terror plot

Amazingly, newspapers had something more interesting to focus today than the war in Lebanon. A group of about 20 Pakistani, British born men apparently intended to blow up planes mid-air, probably over various cities. Thousands of people are now stranded across Europe. Thousands were supposed to die.

"Dispatches", a Channel 4 series, recently aired a documentary titled "What Muslims Want"

A survey done for the show can be found here (PDF file). I originally intended to wait till I had the time to go over it thoroughly and summarize it. Though you can say it doesn't reveal much that hasn't been discussed in countless other surveys in the recent past, it's quite comprehensive and does bring up some interesting points. For example, how many Muslims who prefer Sharia law would like to see Britain as an Islamic state? (hint: much less than 100%). How many of those who prefer British law would want to see Britain as an Islamic state? (hint: more than I would have thought). How many Muslims feel victimized and how many really are? (hint 1: lots. hint 2: barely any). Are the younger British-born generation more open to liberal values? Are they less religious then their parents? (hint: no and no).


Frank said...

Its easy to get lost in majority results, but look at the numbers involved. Some of these categories have crazy results.

Esther said...


can you please explain?