Norway: extremist recruiting

I think this is a very sad attempt at self-persuasion, for both sides of the coin.

For one, I doubt Norway is where Muslims are the "best off". How easy would it be to get a job in Norway if you have a Muslim name? Would students get Halal food at school?

For another, in the UK extremists have been managing rather well to recruit people for terror attacks, and the UK seems to me to be one country where Muslims are quite "well off". The people who committed the 7/7 attacks were not "frustrated over their own situation". They were simply Muslims who were convinced that Islam is in a global war against the infidels and that they should take part in it, even if it means killing innocent civilians.

Muslim extremists on recruiting missions around Europe have likely been scouting in Norway, but the head of an Oslo-based youth group doesn't think they'll have much success.

"Muslims in Norway are probably the best off in all of Europe," Farid Bouras, leader of Youth Against Violence (Ungdom mot Vold), told newspaper Dagbladet on Tuesday. He doesn't think many will fall for the extremists' sales pitch.

Bouras believes that extremist groups succeed best in areas where there is both local frustration over individuals' own situation and anger over events in the Middle East. That's why it may be difficult for them to find recruits in Norway.

Bouras warned nonetheless that extremists have been on recruiting trips in Norway and probably have developed local ties.

"These people are very mobile, and travel around on European passports from country to country," he said. "Ten years ago, they'd have long beards and be in traditional dress. Now they move around with shaved heads and wearing Dolce & Gabbana trousers."

He said some simply want to build up "muslim brotherhood," but most are looking for recruits to go to holy war.

Source: Aftenposten (English)

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