Oslo: knife attack

Is this the new Oslo fashion?

A 38-year-old Oslo man was injured in a knife attack in Oslo's main avenue, Karl Johan, on Thursday morning.

Police were notified of the crime at around 6:15 a.m.

"A person was stabbed near the 7-Eleven in Karl Johan," operation leader Ellen Ulvin of the Oslo police told Aftenposten.no.

The victim was cut from the scalp to chin, in both thighs and in the leg. He was taken to Oslo's Emergency Ward. The assailant, who was described as wearing a Palestinian scarf wrapped around his head, is still at large.

"We have not found the perpetrator. He disappeared in the downtown area," Ulvin said. Police believe the attacker and victim knew each other, and the attack was related to an argument about money.

"We do not believe that the man we are seeking is dangerous to others," Ulvin said.

Source: Aftenposten (English)

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The Observer said...

Is this the new Oslo fashion?

I'm afraid that it is.