Italy: Beaches for Muslims only (UPDATED)

Ok.. where to start?

If they want to open a seperate beach, why is it open for Muslims only? Would a woman who is not Muslim but prefers not to lie half naked in front of men also be allowed in?

The comparison to newspapers and charter aircraft is ridiculous. How would the town of Riccione react if the Germans would want a beach of their own, where they could speak only German and not have to look or deal with any natives? I'm sure they'll be extremely pleased and ready to do whatever it takes to have satisfied customers, right?

One of Italy's most popular Adriatic Sea resorts, Riccione, is set to open the country's first beach exclusively for Muslim women.

The city administration has approved an unprecedented measure this week providing for a beach from which men will be banned and fitted with tents to safeguard the privacy of Muslim women who want to sunbathe and swim without having to do so fully clothed as Islamic custom prescribes.

Female lifeguards will also be provided

City councilor Loretta Villa told Italy's largest circulation paper Corriere della Sera that Riccione is now only awaiting for one of the local entrepreneurs "to apply to run the beach and we will immediately prepare the authorization."

Highly popular among Italians and Europeans for its resorts, shops and night clubs, Riccione, in central Italy, has become popular with Arabs, especially Saudis, who are increasingly demanding customized services, such as private jet charters.

Indeed the resort's five start Grand Hotel des Bains is currently hosting part of the Saudi royal family.

The hotels however says its Saudi clients had to rent the indoor swimming pool so the women in their group can take a swim.

"When the Germans started coming here, didn't we learn the language and started providing German newspapers?" asked Villa, who is on charge of state land in the city administration."

Riccione lives from tourism and we must be able to satisfy the needs of our guests."

As far as separate beaches are concerned, she concluded, "we are not talking about superficial motives but of cultural and religious beliefs."

Source: Al Arab online (English)


In a completely unrelated story, Morrocans are upset at the French elite who are buying up beach front property.

Bernard-Henri Levy, the writer and philosopher, erected a wall around his cliff top villa in Tangiers that partially block the view of the bay from the terrace of famous Hafa cafe next door, the Times said.

The view was known to have inspired such writers as Jean Genet and Tennessee Williams.Levy said he built the wall to provide some privacy for his wife, actress Arielle Dombasle, while she sunned herself by the pool.

The idea of women sunbathing topless inflames a growing Islamic movement aiming to turn Morocco, one of the more liberal Muslim countries, into a strict theocracy, the newspaper said.

Source: Al Arab online (English)

Update 2:

It's unclear, but apparently the idea was to open a beach for women only.

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Frank said...

Seems to me the answer is to hire papparazzi to sneak around taking pictures of the burkaed beauties and plaster tham all over the web. The beaches might become less attractive to Islam then...