One year ago

One year ago, Israel was busy evicting Jews from Gaza. Sending out its army and police it dragged Jews from their homes. No Arab or Muslim was forced to leave. Entire communities were destroyed, both physically and psychologically. Decades of hard work were wiped out.

The global left, and the world in general did not see anything wrong with that.

In order to gather up forces for this important missions, the Israeli army sent out the flight school cadets. One of them was interviewed and explained why he sees this as a challenge, and why he feels it is important to follow orders no matter what he thinks is right.

Fast forward a year.

Israel decided it will not stand for Hizballah attacks on its borders. Sending out its planes and soldiers, it bombards Lebanon, trying to hit Hizballah terrorists, supplies and infrastructure.

The global left, and the world in general is shocked at Israel's extreme reaction, and wonders why innoncent people have to suffer.

Those same flight school cadets are now battle pilots and are taking part in bombing missions. They haven't changed. They have been trained to follow orders, no matter what they think is right.

Of course, things are much easier when your target is the enemy and not your fellow citizen. They hope that they'll only kill terrorists and grieve when they hit innocent civilians.

However, when the world is out shouting that Israel is overreacting and that it's immoral to do what they're doing now and that those pilots are guilty of war crimes, maybe it should ask itself why it stood by silently last year.


Protestant said...

The Israeli settlements were illegal. Israel's aggressive military incursions/bombings of lebanon the past month are immoral, if not illegal. Any objective observor would have to say that Israel was in the wrong both times.

What I really dont understand is why so many of you supposedly pro-european folks feel the need to be so slavishly pro-israel and defend Israel no matter what. Yes, they're fighting muslims. But the point is to save Europe from the Islamic demographic threat, isn't it? We do not have a dog in the whole ongoing israel-vs-arabs tribal feuding. Here are two non-european & non-christian groups that are both hostile to Europe, so why all the partisanship in favor of one side (Israel) over the other?

This movement should have as its raison d'etre saving Europe from the islamic foreign menace, not serving as stooges for Jewish nationalism (or any other non-european group nationalism), which is not our concern.

Esther said...

Why were they illegal? Because they were Jewish villages in an Arab controlled area? What is the real reason that Jews can't live today in the Gaza strip?

The real reason? Because if it would be up to the Arabs, no Jew would live anywhere in Israel. This is the only place which they control at the moment.

I do not feel I need to protect Israel no matter what. I think Israel was and is making many mistakes. I do not know where you got that it's hostile to Europe. I think the opposite is true, and part of it has to do with the large Muslim population in Europe.

I also think it should be Europe's concern what happens in Israel.

Why is Islam a "foreign menace" in Europe and not in Israel? Because Islam conquered this part of the world 1400 years ago and this one just now?

It is in Europe's interests to make sure that Lebanon stays an independent democratic Christian country, just as it in Europe's interests to make sure Israel stays an independendt democratic Jewish country, and just like it's in Europe's intersts to make sure Islamic Fundamentalism doesn't destroy those two countries.

The minute it does, Europe's going to be next. If you're sitting in the Netherlands, you will then ask yourself why it's your problem if France becomes Muslim. If you're in the US you'll later wonder why it's your problem if Europe becomes Muslim.

By the time you stop wondering, it will be your problem. Then you'll wonder why your supposedly natural allies don't care about you any longer.