Rotterdam: Essalam mosque in progress

The construction of what will be the largest mosque in Western Europe is nearing its highest point. Two month ago the construction of the two 50 metre (164-foot) minarets was started.

With only about an other 15 metres to go, the highpoint is finally in sight.

Contruction site in the morning mist - Photo:

The Essalam Mosque will not only be the biggest Mosque in Rotterdam, but also the biggest in western Europe. The 4 million Euro Mosque, build with help from the Maktoum Charity Foundation from Dunai, will be an eye catcher situated near the Feijenoord soccer stadium and the southern entrance to the city centre.

Minarets of Essalam Mosque in the morning sun - Photo:

The mosque intends to use a real muezzin to call the Muslims to prayer, as compared to the more modern method of sounding tapes. In Rotterdam the muezzin calls only on Friday afternoon, for the weekly Friday prayers.

The mosque will accommodate 1,500 people at any one time and offers shopping, a library, kitchen, offices and a congress hall. The Mosque will house also an Islamic school. The construction of the Mosque, which started 3 years ago, will be finished around the end of this year.


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