Sweden: Muslim Youth group cancels hate preacher

Sweden: Muslim Youth group cancels hate preacher

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Sweden's biggest Muslim youth organization, Sweden's Young Muslims (SUM), decided to cancel the appearance of Abdullah Hakim Quick at their annual conference.

Quick has called Jews 'dirty' and preaches that the punishment for homosexuality, which he calls an unnatural disease, is death.

In a press release SUM says as follows: "SUM has always been and will remain an organization which is against and opposes all forms of hate propaganda, racism and discrimination. It's therefore regrettable that we've been perceived as anything else. Recent developments also showed that the Islamophobic forces didn't waste time playing vulnerable groups against each other, which is a development that we want to prevent."

"Therefore, in consultation with sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick, we decided to cancel his participation. Both we and he hope that this decision alleviates the controversy and tensions which unfortunately came up. We also hope that the good forces in society would be able to continue meeting and agreeing on the issues relating to diversity and anti-discrimination."

Instead SUM invited Suhaib Webb.

Sources: SvD, SUM (Swedish)

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