Denmark: Mystery bomber reading religious literature (Update: Belgian passport stolen)

Denmark: Mystery bomber reading religious literature

Police are still trying to to identify the mystery man.

The suspect did everything he could (DA) to keep his identity secret. He used different names on various occasions. He removed the serial number from his artificial leg (an expensive type which was made in Western Europe). He did not bring a cellphone or credit-card with him.

He carried authentic Belgian ID papers, which weren't his, as well as a counterfeit Luxembourg passport.

Meanwhile, police in Copenhagen are very jumpy, and today there were several (false) bomb alerts.

Via Politiken:

The man, described as being between 25 and 35 years of age, 169 cm. tall and seemingly of central or southern European of origin, speaks fluent French, English with a French accent and German and is thought to have used several aliases, among which are the names Raoul Foltz, David Francois J. de Vicq de Cumptich and Hans Veller. He has a false lower right leg and bears the mark of having had a broken nose.

Latest information (1 p.m.) from the police is that the man they have in custody says he is a vegetarian and has asked for religious literature from various religious persuasions.


The religious books include a Koran and a Bible.


The bomber also asked for Jewish books (DA).

The police say they did not publish pictures of the suspect after he was apprehended since he was so badly injured in his face that he's unrecognizable.

Meanwhile, Belgian Jean Louis de Vicq de Cumpitche says that (DA) his passport was stolen seven years ago together with those of his wife and son. The family name is very rare, and Jean Louis says there is nobody named David with that family name.