Denmark: TATP found on mystery bomber

Denmark: TATP found on mystery bomber

(Police published current pictures of the bomber)

The investigators can still not identify the man, but they are sure of his intentions. Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad reports that traces of TATP were found (NL) on the man's body. Danish police did not want to comment on that.

There are various theories floating around: that he has military and/or spy training. Meanwhile, the police have given up on trying to trace him through his artificial leg. They continued to search the park where he was caught, so far, supposedly, without any success. The man had spent two hours in that park before he was caught.

The man bought two envelopes (DA) about an hour before he blew himself up. The man had the envelopes, as well as a cardboard box, when he blew up.

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Question: Is there some country somewhere that knows who this guy is? What about his family and friends?