Mogadishu: Danish Somali suicide bomber attacks airport (UPDATED)

Mogadishu: Danish Somali suicide bomber attacks airport

A Danish-Somali blew himself up in a suicide attack on the Mogadishu airport September 9th, several people in the Danish Somali community told Politiken.

About ten suicide bombers in two cars participated in the attack, which al Shabaab later took responsibility for.

A Muslim site praises the man and says that 'our beloved brother [name] got his martyrdom'.

Politiken reports that there are about ten young Danish Somalis who are currently in Somalia and ready to commit terrorism. They've been recruited through the Somali mosques in Copenhagen and other Danish cities.

The Danish security service PET did not want to comment on this specific case but confirmed that there are people who have traveled to conflict zones such as Africa to get military training or participate in battles against the local authorities and international forces. They are increasingly following the Somali community in Denmark.

The man came to Denmark with his family 20 years ago. His parents and one brother still live on the south-western outskirts of Copenhagen. He grew up normal, but had become more and more interested in Islam. He came to the Somali mosque in Nordre Fasanvej in Copenhagen and supposedly was radicalized there. He left Denmark 4-5 months ago and traveled to Somalia to join al-Shabaab, which he supported.

Another Somali committed a suicide attack in December. In addition the man who tried to attack Mohammed cartoonist Kurt Westergaard with an axe was an al-Shabab member, and was previously arrested for terrorism in Kenya.

Source: Politiken 1, 2 (Danish)

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According to several sources, the two Danish suicide bombers (DA) played together in the same Copenhagen football club, which is linked to the Somali mosque.

Abdullahi Hassan Hirsi, of the Somali Youth and Culture Association, which runs the mosque, denies that they have links to the club and says that the suicide bombers' connection to the club is 'pure speculation'. The club, he says, has activities for both Somalis and others.

According to various sources in the Somali community in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, the suicide bomber, H, is originally from the Somali town of Hargeysa. Most of the neighborhood's Somalis are from Mogadishu.