Germany: Milli Gorus cleared of charges

Germany: Milli Gorus cleared of charges

Via Deutsche Welle:
After being accused of fraud and supporting terrorism, one of Germany's largest Islamic groups, Milli Gorus, has been cleared of all charges. Milli Gorus' General Secretary said the process had a "political background."

The Munich prosecutor has dropped all serious charges against top officials of the Muslim group Milli Gorus and several other Muslim organizations.

Six officials had been charged with fraud, money laundering, the support of terrorist organizations and association with criminals. In the spring of 2009 there were extensive raids.

According to the German daily newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, the 19 month investigations into the groups have been discontinued.

The General Secretary of the organization, Olaz Ucuncu said he suspected there was a "political background" to the investigation. The investigators "found nothing," he said.

The allegations were so severe that at the time, the Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere excluded the Islam Council from the government-sponsored Islam Conference. Milli Gorus is one of the dominant groups in the Islam Council.