Yemen: German 16 year old charged with terrorism (UPDATED)

Yemen: German 16 year old charged with terrorism

And he might have been 14 when he received al-Qaeda training.

Via M&C:

A 16-year-old German boy was among four teenage defendants charged at a Yemeni state security court on Monday with plotting attacks on foreign and government targets in the Arab country.

The 16-year old, whose mother is Yemeni and is not named for legal reasons, appeared at the courtroom with three 15-year-old Iraqi co- defendants.

The four were charged with planning suicide attacks against tourists, foreign interests, state and military vital facilities.

Prosecutors told the court that the defendants had received training by an al-Qaeda leader in Marib province in 2008.



AP reports the suspect, Rami Hans Harman, claims the authorities extracted a false confession from him.

Jih@d blog adds (DE) that Harman is the son of a German businessman and a Yemeni woman. It's unclear whether he really has German citizenship. Harman said in court that he never met his father, whom he says lives in Germany, and that he wants to move to Germany to start a "new and safe life".