Iceland: Meat processing plant discontinues halal slaughter

Iceland: Meat processing plant discontinues halal slaughter

(Icelandic sheep, by Páll Stefánsson)

 A week after news reports of halal slaughter in Iceland, one company (temporarily) discontinues it. 
Via Iceland Review:

South Iceland meat processing company Sláturfélag Sudurlands (SS) ceased slaughtering lambs in the Islamic fashion yesterday. CEO of SS Steinthór Skúlason said the decision is mainly based on the reactions of customers after the company’s practices were reported on.

Skúlason said SS wishes to respect the opinion of its customers and that the cost of employing a member of the Islamic Association of Iceland to conduct halal slaughtering is also a factor because the sale of halal meat has yet to be guaranteed, reports.

Yesterday, representatives from SS met with potential buyers from Iraqi Kurdistan who were going to taste the meat. Negotiations have also begun with potential buyers in Jordan. If agreements are reached, SS will reconsider its decision on halal slaughtering.