Denmark: Police can't identify terror suspect (UPDATE: Jyllands-Posten not target)

Denmark: Police can't identify terror suspect

Danish police still can't identity the terrorist suspect arrested Friday.

The man has three different counterfeit identities from various central European countries, one of which is Belgium. Police discovered that he bought a ticket on the Eurolines bus to Belgium Friday afternoon.

In order to help identity him, the Danish authorities published various CCTV videos of the suspect. In one clip (see here), he goes into the bathroom in the hotel Jørgensen in Copenhagen, and after 38 minutes, can be seen running out.

The man speaks fluent French as well as English and German with a French accent. The man had a beard, but later shaved it off. There are currently no indications that he was working with a group.

The suspect came to the hotel September 7th and spent the time traveling around Copenhagen. He signed out of the hotel Friday, leaving his luggage in his room. He later went back for it and then went into the bathroom, where he set off the bomb he was carrying.

The man had a very small amount of explosives with him, and police believe they have found all of it.

Sources: Politiken, Ekstrabladet (Danish)


Police now say (DA) they did not find a map marking the Jyllands-Posten offices.

Hans Jørgen Bonnichsen, formerly of the Danish Security Service, points out that if the suspect intended to travel to Belgium, it rules out a suicide attack. He says it's possible the suspect intended to mail a letter-bomb.