Netherlands: Fundamentalists easily get subsidies

Netherlands: Fundamentalists easily get subsidies

According to the recent annual report of the Dutch intelligence Service, AIVD, Salafist center have a wide network of traveling youth preachers who give lectures and open small centers all over the Netherlands.  They know how to professionally claim subsidies from local and national authorities, by saying they help the youth with their homework, organize cultural and sports events or give social assistance.

During a parliamentary debate on the report with the Dutch minister of internal affairs Ballin, a parliamentary majority consisting of the CDA, VVD and PVV parties demanded that something be done about the ease with which Muslim fundamentalists get municipal subsides.

CDA parliament member Cörüz said that Salafist organization succeed in influencing young Muslims and infect them with radical ideas under the guise of helping them with their homework.  These clubs and subsidies should be stopped and the money gotten back, if necessary by enlisting the AIVD.

The CDA is bewildered that these practices still exist and demand that action be taken against these clubs.  The VVD and PVV supported the motion.

The ministry published a brochure last year which advised municipalities how to stop abuse of subsidies.  The right-wing parliament majority thinks that's not enough.  PVV parliament member Brinkman says there should be an inventory of which municipalities aren't doing their job and that they should be forced to take action.  Brinkman also thinks that the AVID should give more aid and support.

Source: De Telegraaf (Dutch)