Iceland: Slaughterhouses to offer halal slaughter

Iceland: Slaughterhouses to offer halal slaughter

Via Iceland Review:
This fall, slaughtering according to Islamic tradition will take place in a number of Icelandic slaughterhouses, reports. Not much must be altered regarding the slaughtering methods, but with the so-called Halal method in use, new markets will open for Icelandic mutton all around the world.

This fall, the method will be applied partially or entirely in various slaughterhouses including those in Selfoss, Hvammstangi and Saudárkrókur.

According to the slaughterhouse manager at Hvammstangi, it is a common misconception that the Halal method is inhumane. Quite on the contrary, it fulfills every standard regarding the humane treatment of animals as well as the handling of alimentary products.

This fall, all sheep slaughtering at Sláturfélag Sudurlands at Selfoss will be done according to the Halal method. During the process, a Muslim will be present, reciting a prayer out loud or in silence. With all the meat thus certified, the slaughterhouse’s goal is to enter large new markets in the Islamic world