Russia: Two police officers killed in attack in Ingushetia

Russia: Two police officers killed in attack in Ingushetia

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Meanwhile, the second Moscow attack bomber has been identified by her family as Mariam Sharipova (28), a computer-science teacher from Dagestan.


A suicide attacker has killed at least two police officers in the Russian republic of Ingushetia, in the latest in a series of such bombings.

Shortly after the first attack, a car bomb was detonated in the same place in the town of Karabulak, officials said.


Police officials said the bombings in Ingushetia had targeted an interior ministry building.

A statement from investigators said the suicide attacker had detonated explosives as a car full of police officers was entering the compound at 0820 local time (0420 GMT).
Ingushetia map

"As a result of the blast, the suicide bomber died at the scene and three police officers were taken to hospital, where two of them died," AFP news agency quoted the statement as saying.

Less than an hour later, as investigators arrived at the scene, a remote-control car bomb was detonated.

Officials said no-one was hurt in the second explosion.


Source: BBC (English)

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