Catalonia: More burka-ban proposals

Catalonia: More burka-ban proposals

The ban on the full veil - specifically the burka and niqab - in public buildings in Lleida (Spain), has caused several municipalities in Catalonia to try and copy it.

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The decision of the Lleida council, passed with overwhelming support last week, to ban access to municipal facilities to people whose clothes hide their face, is already being considered in the Tarragona towns of El Vendrell and Reus as well as in Tàrrega and Cervera (Lleida).

In El Vendrell and Reus, municipal representatives of the CiU files motions calling to ban the garments, which they say undermines the equality and dignity of women.

In the case of El Vendrell, the CiU, which has a minority coalition, could pass the proposal by mid-June if supported by the xenophobic Platform for Catalonia (PxC)

In the case of Reus, the CiU will most certainly be supported by the PP (People's Party) representatives, who have made it clear that they want to ban the full veil, not only in municipal buildings, but also in public.

The CiU spokesperson in Reus, Ramon Pellicer, says that the city has 20% immigrants, and that this brings about a new social reality which implies new challenges to living together.

Municipal PP head, Miquel Àngel López Mallol, that coexistence requires banning the full veil in any public space, that is, in the town. They hope to get support for their proposal from the leftist parties, since this is an issue affecting equality.

The municipal government of Reus, governed by the PSC (Socialists), has already ruled out supporting proposals that don't give priority to the current economic crisis.

The representatives of the PxCat (party for Catalonia), an offshoot of the PxC, didn't want to waste the opportunity and filed motions to ban the burka and niqab in the towns of Cervera and Tarrega.

Source: El Mundo (Spanish)

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