Netherlands: Dutch, immigrants differ on Islam

Netherlands: Dutch, immigrants differ on Islam

Keep in mind this is an online-poll.


More than 20,000 potential voters filled in in the Stem Advies Nieuwe Nederlanders [voting guide for New Dutch], 15,000 of them in the first weekend. STANN, the voting guide which zooms in for 'New Dutch' [ed: immigrants] on important issues, was filled in by as many ethnic Dutch as immigrants.

The results provide remarkable conclusions.

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Almost half of the ethnic Dutch think that dual citizenship is harmful for the integration of immigrants. New Dutch completely disagree, and 71% said that having dual citizenship doesn't counteract integration at all.

The opinion of the ethnic Dutch respondents and Muslim participants differ sharply on several statements. One of the most controversial statement turns out to be: "Islam doesn't fit in a democratic state". 68% of Turks and Moroccan completely disagreed, while the response of almost half of the Dutch participants shows that indeed they think that Islam and democracy are incompatible.

To the statement: "Freedom of religion also means that new mosques can be built," the participant response was split. 74% of the Muslim participants agreed. The Dutch were split: 49% also agreed, but 40% preferred that new mosques won't be built.

To the controversial question on whether women in government service may wear a headscarf, 58% of the Dutch answered they preferred not, while 62% of the New Dutch thought they should be able to.

The most popular parties among the non-Western respondents were: Dutch Muslim Party, GroenLinks (Greens) and SP (Socialists). Due to their immigration standpoints, the PvdA (Labor) didn't make it into the top three.

Among the Dutch participants, the right and center parties did best. The PVV was first (the guide suggested this part to 69.7%) , followed by the VVD (Liberals) and the CDA (Christian-Democrats)

Source: Maroc.NL (Dutch)

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