UK: Inspired by Muhammad

UK: Inspired by Muhammad

A campaign to improve the image of Islam has been launched after an opinion poll found that more than half of British people associate the religion with extremism and terrorism.

"Inspired by Muhammad" aims to promote Islam as a faith which contributes positively to British society.

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Posters of Muslims with captions like: "I believe in rights for women... so did Muhammad" will feature at bus stops, Tube stations and on London cabs.

It is a reaction to a YouGov poll which found that 58% of the British population surveyed associated Islam with extremism, 50% associate it with terrorism and 68% feel the religion encourages the repression of women.

TV presenter and Islam convert Kristiane Backer is one of the faces of the campaign.

She said: "This negative image is the reason for the need of a campaign, the reason for coming out with some positive news, reflecting the truth and showing what Islam is about.

Kristiane Backer is a strong advocate of Islam

"Values of compassion, peace, mercy, women's rights, social justice - these are all part of Islam.

"We're just trying to focus on some of those values, some of those messages that reflect the true Islam of mainstream Muslims."


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