Our homeland is calling

With these words Dyab Abou Jahjah, Lebanese refugee in Belgium and self proclaimed saviour of Europe's Muslims, declared this past Thursday that he was going to Lebanon to fight for the Hizb-allah forces.

Which makes one wonder, why did he ask for refugee status to begin with, if the minute Hizb-allah strongholds are being bombed he returns to fight.

This might be the last text I will write before going home on a trip that might be my last, I want to thank all the comrades who shared the struggle with me here for equal rights and for justice, as these are the same values we struggle for everywhere. I would like to tell them that you can not postpone the moment of truth for ever; one moment in which one makes a stand in the face of oppression is more precious than a life time of triviality.

What is this homeland he is talking about? I originally assumed he meant Lebanon - his country of origin. However, looking at the map provided with the article, it is easy to see that he means much more than that. His homeland includes all of Israel, but doesn't include such Muslim countries as Iran or Turkey. That is, it includes only countries under Arab (not Muslim) control, even those where Arabs are minority. Israel, it seems, is a temporary issue.

Our enemy in this fight is also one and the same, the colonialist Zionists are the spiritual children of the Racists in Europe and both are the products of capitalism and its global system of exploitation and slavery.

When oppression rises above the sun to cover it, and injustice defies the wind and the Wicked and the Evil feast on the Flesh of innocent men, women and children. From within the darkness and the orgy of blood, a sword will shine, and the brave will murmur: “What a beautiful day to die” .

When Muslims would care about the daily injustices in their own countries, when they would care more about their own country then about a terrorist group who couldn't care less about the citizens it uses as shields, when there will be a middle class in Arab countries and not the amazing disparity that exists today between rich and poor, when Arab countries put more effort into educating their citizens and bringing up the average lifespan to a normal level instead of putting their money into weapons, when Arabs will be able to talk about peace and not about the glory of death - only then will the clouds of oppression disappear and the sun will be able to shine again.

But this will have to wait, as those who claim to fight for the Muslims of Europe are obviously busy elsewhere.

Source: AEL Website (English), thank to Rudi for pointing this out to me.

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A Free Man said...

This guy criticises us for slavery? Well, it's not christianity but Islam that commands Muslims to take kaffirs captive and sell them! It's Islam that regulated slavery, it was Muslims who started the slave trade and who continue it today in Mauritania, Sudan and Saudi!