Amsterdam: Investigation into mosque

Campus TV reports that the criminal investigation department in Amsterdam is investigating the As-soenna Mosque in Westerpark. The police want to see if the mosque is guilty of incitement or threats.

The mosque and Amsterdam alderman Ahmed Aboutaleb say the man who made the threats is a visitor. Student newspaper Folia denies that and says he's the permanent mosque translator

In a meeting with Jansen Monday, the mosque administrators says it does not support the death threats. However, they refused to apologize since the translator spoke on his own initiative. The translator would be reprimanded. (A video report of the visit can be seen on Campus TV's site, in Dutch)

In the show Premtime, Eric van den Berg, the Folia journalist, and Prem Radhakishun, of Premtime, went to interview the man, Mr. Kabli. Kabli says he has had nothing to do with the mosque administration for at least twenty years and that he has been misunderstood due to his lack of fluency in Dutch and to the heat of the moment. He only meant to say that in a radical Muslim land such jokers would be in serious trouble. The man's son steps in during the interview and says his father is stupid and that he has no sympathy for him since the entire family is suffering now due to his stupidity. Kabli continues to say that since his statements he has had fights with his wife and children and that his marriage is at stake. He ends by saying that due to his intereference and poor Dutch he has brought harm and shame on himself and his family. (The show can be seen here, in Dutch)

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